How to Make Old Concrete Flooring Look New

How to Make Old Concrete Flooring Look New

When you think of concrete flooring, you probably picture an old industrial or garage floor, gray, stained and uneven in texture. However, concrete can be polished, stained and even shaped to elevate it to a condition fit for the most luxurious buildings. Even old uneven concrete can be made to look brand new again, and Hamilton Concrete has the experience and techniques to give new life to old floors.

Stamped Overlay

Concrete construction has come a long way in recent years. One of the most unique and revolutionary techniques is a stamped concrete overlay. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, a concrete contractor puts a layer of overlay onto cleaned and prepared concrete flooring, then stamps the desired form. Concrete floors or walls can be made to look like natural stone, wood, brick and more.


Old concrete can get a whole new life with staining. Stain does not absorb evenly, which gives old floors a one-of-a-kind look, similar to natural stone. After cleaning, floors are prepared with an acid wash to allow the surface to accept the stain. A stain is then applied and allowed to dry. The look of stained concrete can be customized to coordinate with any color scheme or d├ęcor.


Polishing concrete can not only completely transform the appearance and add character, but it creates a durable surface for home or industrial use. It is as popular for automobile showrooms and commercial buildings as it is for residential use. Polished concrete is resistant to water, chemicals and damage from furniture and foot traffic.

How to Choose

If your surface is fairly level and even, staining or polishing may be a great option. Even floors that have a ghost image of previous materials or stains can still look interesting when stained or polished. If you have a floor that requires extensive repair or patching, or if the surface is very uneven, it may be a good candidate for overlay rather than staining or polishing. For questions on how update your concrete, contact Hamilton Concrete.